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This has no relevance to

January 31, 2003

This has no relevance to anything, I am simply posting it as a community service.

John Safran is still around,

January 31, 2003

John Safran is still around, although not nearly as spectacularly as he was in 1997-98. His final entry in “Race Around the World” was censored, and two pilot shows for the ABC were never shown. The first, which famously showed Safran confronting Ray Martin, was partially screened on the ABC’s “Media Watch”.

Australian Internet Censorship laws supposedly prevent linking to bootleg copies of the full pilots, but then Blogger is not located in Australia! Enjoy.

You will need RealOne player to view the pilots.

It has begun. THE world’s

January 31, 2003

It has begun.

THE world’s top-ranked batsman, Matthew Hayden, has become the first Australian player to take a moral stance on the Zimbabwe question by claiming he would be opposed to shaking the hand of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Hayden, a committed Christian, yesterday echoed Hussain’s concerns by claiming a personal meeting with the despot would compromise his strongly-held values and beliefs.

“In my opinion that (a handshake) seriously compromises the values and traditions of what I’m about and I wouldn’t like to do that, no,” Hayden told the Nine Network yesterday.

The article doesn’t mention what faith Nasser Hussain follows.

The Kiwis aren’t particularly happy about being forced to play in Kenya, either.

Update: So unhappy in fact, they will forfeit their points by boycotting the match in Kenya.

Why are all the cute

January 31, 2003

Why are all the cute girls Lefties? Ayn Rand is not only dead, but very ugly. Ann Coulter isn’t ugly, but may well be insane. These chicks are our last hope….

Ken Parish has moved his

January 31, 2003

Ken Parish has moved his blog, and also added me to his blogroll. WOOT!. Gary Sauer-Thompson has also moved to a new domain.

There was a 3 paragraph

January 30, 2003

There was a 3 paragraph post here about Zimbabwe and the cricket world cup, but Blogger ate it. Perhaps Robert Mugabe has taken over there? Anyway, in honour of Bobby, here’s a cheery song. (With apologies to Janis Joplin, although Charlie Pride sung it best.)

Me and Bobby Mugabe – by Brad Hogg

Just got back my Baggy Green after seven years of pain,
Indentured servant of the ICC,
I gotta do what Malcolm says if I, wanna get a game,
Forced to play a match in Harare.
Its a long way to Zimbabwe from the old farm at Tarwonga,
And Mabo never staged a bloody coup,
but when I get up on that podium and he tries to raise his banner,
I know just what I’m not gonna do.

Freedom’s not important to the weasels in EU,
but it sure is for the Aussie team and me,
So to all the oppressed farmers – this is what I’ll do for you:
Punter, Warney all the boys and me… we won’t shake hands with that prick Mugabe.

Be careful over there, fellas.

The best pro-monarchy argument I’ve

January 29, 2003

The best pro-monarchy argument I’ve seen for quite some time here.

Suburban Yobbo culture at its

January 29, 2003

Suburban Yobbo culture at its best, as blogged by Bernard Slattery.

In a stunning display of

January 29, 2003

In a stunning display of the effectiveness of rehabilitation, career lunatic and Hitler-fan Jack van Tongeren has denounced violence, and embraced politics as his new modus operandi.

Reports from TV news indicate that he will attempt to form a new political party, and attempt to “end up with the balance of power in the senate” (his quote on 9 news).

Some of the aims of his party I have gleaned from the web site of his organisation – the “Australian Nationalist Movement” – as follows:

  • There will be a highly trained full time force backed up by a vast Reserve of the entire adult population of fighting age, trained from National Service onwards. All Reserve soldiers will keep their personal weapons at home.
  • We Australians have the right as a Nation to discriminate as to which immigrants will best assimilate into our Australian/Race Culture and only allow into our country those who have the required commonality of Race and Culture to achieve this.
  • Money is Man’s servant, not his master. The Capitalist banking system will be abolished and all existing debts to banks and taxation will be cancelled.
  • We must destroy International Capitalism in our Australia and also cooperate with other Nationalist minded workers and fighters in other lands who are fighting this common enemy of the entire planet.
  • It seems that Jack expects previous “One Nation” voters to flock to his cause, because they don’t like asians either. I suspect, however, that most previous One Nation voters enjoy starvation, civil war, and oppression even less.

    The one thing that stands out above all else is Jack’s hatred of asians. I can’t understand that myself, but perhaps that is just me. Anyway, I will leave you with one final thought from Jack…

    Democracy is nothing more than Capitalism’s fa?ade of freedom to hide its developing tyranny. Voting achieves nothing.

    More asylum seekers come from

    January 27, 2003

    More asylum seekers come from Iraq than any other country on Earth. Why has there been no media coverage of their opinions on the war in Iraq?