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G’day all! Growing up

January 6, 2003

G’day all!

Growing up in Country WA, I never really gave much thought to what socio-economic group I belonged in. There was no real catchy name given to people like me (As far as I knew). My parents are 4th generation Australians of European descent, and have owned and worked a wheat farm since they were married at age 20 or so. It was only recently when my lovely girlfriend (who is chinese-indonesian) commented that I may like to meet her friend’s boyfriend because “He’s a Yobbo, just like you!” that I finally realised that I do fit in somewhere.

It was obvious really. I am a player and fan of Cricket and Aussie Rules. I grew up on a farm. My brother is a shearer and drives a Ute (complete with the obligatory B+S stickers). I guess I always associated “Yobbos” with characters like Ted Bullpit or “Norm”, and didn’t want to associate that stereotype with myself. I am sure the Wog Blogger could come up with a few more imaginative descriptions, but I will leave that up to him.

The reason I started this blog is that I enjoy the discussion of politics, current events and economics; subjects that a lot of people actively avoid in polite conversation. Rather than bore my friends with my views, I have decided to instead inflict them on the Australian Blogosphere, for the benefit of all mankind (HA!). Note that I will also try to include meaningless musings from time to time, to break up the monotony. I don’t think these blogs provide the ability for anyone to comment on the posts, so I will get an email address for people to reply to ASAP. In the meantime, thanks in advance for reading, and I will endeavour to post something other than an introduction shortly.