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In a shocking report from

January 7, 2003

In a shocking report from Sydney, criminals have apparently completely ignored the “Gun Buyback Scheme” and continue to use firearms in holdups. The Daily Telegraph reports:

“Armed robbery with a firearm has escalated by 34 per cent in the most recent figures provided by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, with 880 offences during 2001. Supt Inkster believes the 2002 statistics to be released in March this year will be higher.”

Prime Minister Howard has pledged to further punish licenced gun owners by forcibly buying another $200 million worth of weapons from them. It is as yet unknown how many career criminals plan to hand in their weapons.

Gareth Parker has more commentary

January 7, 2003

Gareth Parker has more commentary on the US warships in Fremantle Harbour, as well as links to my site. I can’t confirm his Yobboness, but his blog makes good reading. Thanks Gareth!

Great Yobbos in History: Prince

January 7, 2003

Great Yobbos in History: Prince Leonard of Hutt.

In 1969, the WA government imposed quotas on the production of wheat. Farmers across the state had tough limits imposed on what they could produce, but some suffered more than others under the policy. Leonard Casley, a farmer near Northampton, Western Australia, was restricted to 1647 bushels for the year. This miniscule production limit would be insufficient to even pay their interest, let alone provide income for his family.

Lenny Casley wasn’t happy with this situation and appealed to the government, who told him to get stuffed. Never really all too keen on authority, Lenny enacted an antiquated law that was left over from the Feudal system of England. This law of “Unjust Enrichment” enabled Lenny to lay claim to government land surrounding his farm, which would in turn increase his quota to a level high enough to make a living.

He suceeded in taking the land from the government, who in return rushed through a bill to allow them to resume any rural lands. Common Law was again called up, this time allowing Lenny’s family to form a “self-preservation government” and claim independence from the state of WA and the nation of Australia. The peoples of the Hutt River Province offered Soveriegnty to Her Majesty the Queen. She accepted, but the Hutt River Province was never formally acknowledged by the Australian government, and still isn’t today.

A change in government soon after the independence of the HRP saw a threat to their newly formed nation. In response to threats by the new Australian PM to close down their operation, the administrators of the Hutt River Province decided to change to a Principality, which bestowed the title of Prince on Leonard, and all the protection of the crown that comes with it. The effect of this change was that any challenge to undermine the operations of Prince Leonard would be treated as treason against the Commonwealth, and the HRP was safe from the Australian Invaders.

Prince Leonard has ruled his nation peacefully for the last 30-some years, even overtaking Australia on civil issues such as the drafting of a Bill of Rights for his people. He also revived the romantic notion of Chivalry in the HRP, and has bestowed honours of Knightship on those who have served the Principality well. Considered by many to be a tax-dodger, eccentric, insane or even a traitor, he continues his tongue-in-cheek protest to this day, to the extent of issuing his own currency, stamps, and citizenships. The HRP has 13,000 citizens (most living abroad) and embassies in 8 countries.

More information can be found here (as well as a great deal of the information I have already plagiarised). Prince Leonard is a living example of the Aussie Larrikin spirit: May his reign be long and prosperous.

In brief: It seems that

January 7, 2003

In brief: It seems that FIFA’s decision to allow Oceania automatic entry into the World Cup has renewed WA’s interest in Quokka Soccer. Morons.

An Iraqi asylum seeker charged

January 7, 2003

An Iraqi asylum seeker charged with sex offences against a Japanese Student applied for bail on the grounds that he was a Muslim and needed a “certain lifestyle to remain sane.” The West Australian reports:

“Abdul Salam Al-Jaboury, 27, was charged with aggravated indecent assault, deprivation of liberty, supplying a prohibited drug and using a prohibited drug.”

Magistrate Paul Heaney disagreed, saying he “did not care whether Mr Al- Jaboury was Muslim, Protestant or Catholic, he would not get bail without a surety.”

Nothing was mentioned of Abdul’s defense of his breaking of Islamic law regarding intoxicants. Presumably his time in jail will keep him out of trouble while he waits out the 40 days of penance before Allah will hear his prayer.

Anti-American sentiment is still running

January 7, 2003

Anti-American sentiment is still running strong in WA. Carmen Lawrence speaks out against the return of the USS Abraham Lincoln to Fremantle, seemingly forgetting that the US are our military allies.

“The carrier is nuclear powered and one can never be entirely sure about the nuclear armed bit as well,” said Ms Lawrence. Whether she is just guessing about the nuclear capabilities, or once knew and has “forgotten” is unclear.

Jane Hammond from the “Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group” is also upset about US ships in Fremantle. “It draws us in into a war that most Australians don’t want,” said Jane.

While I’m sure that nobody actually wants to go war all that badly, a significant number of Australians realise that it sometimes is a necessary evil, and fully support the US actions against Iraq. Don’t speak for us please.

Congratulations to England on their

January 7, 2003

Congratulations to England on their comeback to win the 5th test. Michael Vaughan deservedly took out player of the series, and while he reflects on his performance, Adam Gilchrist attempts to explain away the bad sportsmanship shown by our team yesterday.

Steve Waugh has decided that he will play on if he can find the appropriate challenge. Given that our next test series is against the West Indies in April, it seems like his great career may be at an end. I doubt they will present any challenge whatsoever.

Word gets around here

January 7, 2003

Word gets around here faster than I thought. Not only did my girlfriend sneak a peek at this blog mere hours after I had written it, but the Wog Blog linked to me sometime during the night, despite having not much worthwhile to read here yet. Thanks!