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We are just doing our

January 10, 2003

We are just doing our part to save fossil fuels! North Korea insists that its withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will just give them some time to research nuclear power options, the BBC reports. At least there is hope for their agricultural program.

I hate Ants. Not just

January 10, 2003

I hate Ants. Not just those nasty Fire Ants or Argentine Ants either. I hate the little bastards that continually crawl into my kettle, giving me ant-flavoured coffee. I look forward to the Ant-Holocaust with great ANTicipation. Maybe this guy can help.

Ken Parish has updated! Ken

January 10, 2003

Ken Parish has updated! Ken introduces us to the “Dole Bludger” who will apparently blog his attempt to re-enter the workforce. Not suprisingly, after a decade or two out of the workforce, his attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

The best advice I can give to Meika is the same that friends gave to me when jobseeking: Throw the newspapers away. Most advertised jobs are already semi-filled by the time of posting, but government policy and that of most larger companies require that they be advertised all the same. Despite this, most of the ads will receive replies in the hundreds, and having a 10 year gap in your resume is not going to help your chances of being plucked from the masses.

Networking is the best way to avoid the resume lottery, and is especially useful for people in your situation, i.e. Being posessed of ability and intelligence, without the experience to back it up. Friends employed in large organisations are the best place to start, where a little bit of nepotism can go unnoticed here and there. After that, small business operators looking for “Office Help” (that is, someone who can work that infernal computer thingo) are another option.

Although Meika may disagree, the best solution for him may be to embrace capitalism. It is unlikely you will ever find a position deserved of your intelligence. Incorporate yourself. Sell something, anything, at a profit. Make your own rules and your own wages. Nobody ever works as hard, or as well, for someone else as he does for himself. In the words of Cameron Crowe: “This is how you become great, man”.

Oh, and by the way, watch out for Mike Monroe.