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The best pro-monarchy argument I’ve

January 29, 2003

The best pro-monarchy argument I’ve seen for quite some time here.

Suburban Yobbo culture at its

January 29, 2003

Suburban Yobbo culture at its best, as blogged by Bernard Slattery.

In a stunning display of

January 29, 2003

In a stunning display of the effectiveness of rehabilitation, career lunatic and Hitler-fan Jack van Tongeren has denounced violence, and embraced politics as his new modus operandi.

Reports from TV news indicate that he will attempt to form a new political party, and attempt to “end up with the balance of power in the senate” (his quote on 9 news).

Some of the aims of his party I have gleaned from the web site of his organisation – the “Australian Nationalist Movement” – as follows:

  • There will be a highly trained full time force backed up by a vast Reserve of the entire adult population of fighting age, trained from National Service onwards. All Reserve soldiers will keep their personal weapons at home.
  • We Australians have the right as a Nation to discriminate as to which immigrants will best assimilate into our Australian/Race Culture and only allow into our country those who have the required commonality of Race and Culture to achieve this.
  • Money is Man’s servant, not his master. The Capitalist banking system will be abolished and all existing debts to banks and taxation will be cancelled.
  • We must destroy International Capitalism in our Australia and also cooperate with other Nationalist minded workers and fighters in other lands who are fighting this common enemy of the entire planet.
  • It seems that Jack expects previous “One Nation” voters to flock to his cause, because they don’t like asians either. I suspect, however, that most previous One Nation voters enjoy starvation, civil war, and oppression even less.

    The one thing that stands out above all else is Jack’s hatred of asians. I can’t understand that myself, but perhaps that is just me. Anyway, I will leave you with one final thought from Jack…

    Democracy is nothing more than Capitalism’s fa?ade of freedom to hide its developing tyranny. Voting achieves nothing.