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There was a 3 paragraph

January 30, 2003

There was a 3 paragraph post here about Zimbabwe and the cricket world cup, but Blogger ate it. Perhaps Robert Mugabe has taken over there? Anyway, in honour of Bobby, here’s a cheery song. (With apologies to Janis Joplin, although Charlie Pride sung it best.)

Me and Bobby Mugabe – by Brad Hogg

Just got back my Baggy Green after seven years of pain,
Indentured servant of the ICC,
I gotta do what Malcolm says if I, wanna get a game,
Forced to play a match in Harare.
Its a long way to Zimbabwe from the old farm at Tarwonga,
And Mabo never staged a bloody coup,
but when I get up on that podium and he tries to raise his banner,
I know just what I’m not gonna do.

Freedom’s not important to the weasels in EU,
but it sure is for the Aussie team and me,
So to all the oppressed farmers – this is what I’ll do for you:
Punter, Warney all the boys and me… we won’t shake hands with that prick Mugabe.

Be careful over there, fellas.