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Alan Anderson poses the following

February 13, 2003

Alan Anderson poses the following question:

What is the official US position on Westerners going to Baghdad to act as human shields for the Hussein regime?

“You might as well ask me why moths fly into porch lights,” a State Department spokeswoman said when asked about a group of westerners, who arrived in Baghdad yesterday to act as human shields at civilian sites.

Good idea. Why the hell do moths fly into porch lights?

When I want to find the answer to dumb questions like that, I ask Cecil Adams. He knows everything.

In summary, moths circle lights because they are stupid and have narrow vision. The spokeman was more correct than he could ever have imagined.


I wonder what PETA would

February 13, 2003

I wonder what PETA would have to say about this: Trained seals in the US Navy.

Update: More evidence of the imminent uprising of the animal kingdom against its human oppressors!

On the one hand we

February 13, 2003

On the one hand we have Darren Lehmann, and on the other Rashid Latif…


Called Sri Lankans “Black Cunts”
Made his comment in frustration where he thought he was out of earshot of any player.
Apologised Immediately to the entire team.
Suspended for 5 matches.


Called Adam Gilchrist a “White Cunt”
Made his comment directly to Gilchrist while batting
Has not apologised, but instead denied saying anything.
Let off completely
Is planning on suing Gilchrist for defamation.

Now of course, I’m sure Gilchrist doesn’t really care what Latif called him, and would normally let it slide, if not for the Darren Lehmann episode. I think what he was trying to prove, which everyone already pretty much knows, is that there are two standards here.

It’s perfectly ok to racially abuse white people!