Since the earliest recorded history

Since the earliest recorded history of mankind, trees have lorded their supreme ability to create oxygen over us like an executioner’s axe. Capitalising on their power of man’s life has been the agenda of trees throughout the millenia.

Trees have insidiously crept up on our society, taking over buildings, parks, farmland and even houses of government. They have enlisted their own army of human slaves to fight the cause for them.

Now in the new millenium, the miracles of man’s science promise an end to the tyranny of trees:

SCIENTISTS are developing an artificial tree which can perform the function of living trees better than the real thing – and potentially reduce greenhouse gasses by millions of tonnes a year.

Synthetic models which could sit in an office or trees the size of houses are being planned. One tree it is estimated, could remove 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – equal to 15,000 cars’ emissions.

Viva La Revolution!

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