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Around The Traps South Park

March 5, 2003
Around The Traps

South Park Republicans (Thanks to John Ray)

Scott Wickstein on problems in South African cricket.

Anti-War activists plan to go to phase 2 when the war starts: Bringing down Capitalism.

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, Goodbye!

When I was 20 I

March 5, 2003

When I was 20 I had a particularly bad month. I became too old to pull in a youth wage at my retail job, and was replaced by a 16 year old.

Not long after that, my cousin, trying to get to work, moved my car onto the verge to get his out of the garage. Unfortunately for me, he thought he was still in Dumbleyung and left the keys in the ignition, and my car was stolen when I got home.

I did get my car back, but everything in it (Including a $1000 stereo system, some sporting equipment etc) was gone. Luckily I was insured and got a cheque for $2500 odd.

Not really knowing what to do with myself, I took my insurance and bought a round-the-world plane ticket. First stop: USA.

The biggest culture shock I got when reaching the US was that, despite being of pub-going age in Australia, I was deemed too young (for 3 weeks, anyway) to drink at American bars. The legal drinking age is 21 there.

It seems strange to me that Americans are able to vote at the age of 18, drive at 16, yet can’t drink until age 21. Besides the hypocrisy that deems people responsible enough to vote but not drink, it seems strange that this situation is continuing, in a country with democratic elections.

It makes sense to have a legal drinking age of 18. After all, those under 18 cannot vote, so they can’t do a hell of a lot about it. I can only imagine the extremely short political campaign of a party who tried to up the drinking age in Australia. Why don’t 18-21 year olds in America vote the drinking regulations out? I can think of a few possible reasons, but I don’t know which is most correct.

1. Voting in the US, unlike Australia, is voluntary. The major parties might assume (perhaps correctly) that the numbers of young people who actually vote is low enough to not bother with. Along the same lines, even if they all did vote, the combined numbers of young people voting for the change would be less than the old people voting against letting hooligans drink.

2. The Christian lobbyist groups are too powerful to let such a change even be discussed, and would likely smear such a proposal along the same lines as legalisation of Marijuana.

3. American kids don’t really like drinking as much as we Australians do. I know from my own experiences that the “pub culture” we have here isn’t really the same over there. There’s even a movement called “straight edge” in the US, where it’s considered cool to abstain from all drugs, legal or otherwise. Those crazy kids!

Perhaps one of my American readers (I have at least 2 of them!) could clue me up on this phenomena. As far as I know the US is the only country that has a drinking age higher than the voting age.

For The Love of God,

March 5, 2003

For The Love of God, Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?!?!

The current government has routinely demonstrated a poor understanding of the Internet, leading to the ridiculous Internet censorship legislation that we have today.

In general terms, it isn’t legal for an Australian Web Hosting company, or ISP, to host material classified as restricted to adults (or stuff that is refused classification, like violent porn). If a complaint is made against them, they are required to remove the offending material if a complaint is made to the ABA.

Of course, this legislation has about as much effect as would vestigal mammary glands on a male Jersey. Contrary to what government think-tanks may believe, very little of “teh internet” is hosted on servers located in Australia. Furthermore, the nature of the internet is such that it isn’t all that difficult to access servers located outside of Australia. This shouldn’t come as much of a suprise to those of you who aren’t dribbling morons.

The problem now is that strangely enough, these laws haven’t stopped kids looking at porn. Well, bugger me with a pitchfork, I’m fucking shocked!

These revelations have been met with a massive outcry by parents, teachers and students alike, who took to the streets and protested about the way porn is ruining our way of life. Oh wait, no they didn’t.

Nobody bloody cares if kids at look at porn!

Kids have been looking at porn for a long, long, time before the internet was invented.

I have it on very good authority that Ancient Roman soldiers raped many women, some even violently. This despite Gutenburg not inventing the printing press until 1445, and the World Wide Web not coming into fashion until the mid-late 1990’s! God only knows where they found the inspiration to commit all the horrible crimes against women that pornography causes nowadays.

Apart from the fact that the internet isn’t the only way to get porn, the fact is that it is impossible to filter out porn, even if ISP’s were made to do so. You can search for porn on google with ease. The only way to effectively filter it is to filter ALL sites and domains, then, one by one, slowly approve the ones that don’t contain porn.

It’s not gonna happen. The government may as well go ahead and ban the entire internet now, for the sake of the children.

Around The Traps Michael Jennings

March 5, 2003
Around The Traps

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Yippie-ki-yay, Motherfucker!