Protests around the nation tonight,

Protests around the nation tonight, although no mention of the ones in Perth.

12 idiots were arrested in the CBD after blocking St Georges Terrace. (For those who don’t live in Perth, this is the main thoroughfare for cars entering and leaving the city. i.e. People trying to go home after work). TV news showed them refusing to disperse after ignoring two police warnings to get off the road.

It seems that they were outdone though, by the efforts of the Sydney group:

And in Sydney police had to restrain an apparently misguided group who mobbed NSW Premier Bob Carr’s government vehicle, pelting it with paint and eggs.

The protesters swarmed around Mr Carr’s vehicle on the corner of Phillip and Bent Streets, shouting at the Premier to oppose the war.

Orange paint and two eggs were thrown over the white government car as some protesters struck the vehicle with their placards.

Demonstrators shouted “shame Carr, shame” and appeared to be asking the Premier to join the protest.

Mr Carr, who has repeatedly voiced his opposition to Australia’s involvement in the war, remained stony-faced behind the vehicle’s tinted windows.

(emphasis mine)

It’s articles like these that remind me that in many cases, it’s the PROTEST that’s important, not the cause. A large number of particpants have no idea what their feelings are. For them, the protests are just a rite of passage, or an excuse to do something illegal when the consequences are likely to be minimal.

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