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A friend of mine who reads this site posed me the following question:

Are you for voluntary voting?
Compulsory voting is one of the great things about Australia

My answer was along the lines of “I don’t really have an opinion of it one way or the other”. It’s something I’ve never seriously given much thought to, since I would vote whether it was compulsory or not. Having no opinion sucks though, because opinions are fun, and the stronger the better!

The only thing I could think of is that compulsory voting is just another thing that the goverment forces us to do, so from a civil rights point of view it’s a mild annoyance, but hardly oppressive. I do have a friend who has been absolved of his voting responsibilites – a result of delivering a profanity filled tirade to a government official after receiving a fine for not voting.

Apart from him, however, I don’t hear a lot of discussion about the topic. Is this because everyone loves compulsory voting, or does nobody care?

This is your chance to indoctrinate me, loyal readers! Comment in the box below on the merits or failings of compulsory voting – best argument gets my vote, compulsory or not.

Is the Australian system of forcing people to vote a good thing, or should we be like America, and just let people decide for themselves if voting is worth their time and effort. Please give at least one reason for your view – that’s all I ask!

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