We just got the Foxtel

We just got the Foxtel on here, in time for footy season, but when I’m sitting on the PC blogging, it’s channel V that sees the most action. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that has drawn breath in the last 40 years that a lot of musicians are lefties. Most of them as far as I can tell.

The actual extent of it is unbelievable though. An interview with the lead singer of “The Whitlams” (Get it!?), Tim Friedman on one of the magazine shows goes a little something like this:

Interviewer: So Tim what sort of things do you like to do apart from sing?
Friedman: Oh, you know, get drunk and stuff, normal things.

Interviewer: Ok, and what are some things you *don’t* like?
Friedman: Basically, anyone who votes for the Coalition! That really pisses me off, yeah! I mean, its just so obvious to me that you shouldn’t vote for them, but all these idiots still do! UNBELIEVABLE!

And so it goes. No doubt they are one of Chairman Corr’s favourite bands.

After I’d got out of that system and decided to actually *watch* some music videos for a while, I was treated to quite a sight…

There’s a newish band called “System of a Down” going around, for the benefit of my older readers. Their musical style could best be described as “Metal” and they like to dress up as demons and such in their videos. Make of that what you will, but their latest video is a bit different.

System of a Down have recorded a new single called simply “Boom”. The video consists of staged anti-war protests singing the words of the song, along with a few anti-bush cartoons. Scrolling CNN-style across the bottom of the screen are video bites about all the evil things America has done since like, ever, man.

The Video’s Director? Everyone’s favourite fat moron, Michael Moore. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t get some kind of MTV music award for it. I can’t sit through another rant like that without throwing a brick at my TV.

Oh, and channel V has changed their logo to a 2 finger “peace” salute for the duration of the war. How Cute!

For those who don’t watch a lot of MTV, you can see the streaming internet version of the film clip here.

My favourite “peace” sign so far? “DRAFT JENNA”. Pure genius.

Update: Jesus, even as I type this, it’s on again!

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One Comment on “We just got the Foxtel”

  1. Didnt notice it before . . . quite clever.

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