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“Peace” Protests getting less peaceful

March 26, 2003

“Peace” Protests getting less peaceful every day

Gareth has the details on the latest “free speech” in Perth. Protestors voiced their opinions on police horses by throwing bottles at them, tried to storm the US consulate again, etc etc. Fuckwits.

Update: Shucks, we were upstaged again, this time by Paris.

Confessions of a Youth Activist

March 26, 2003

Confessions of a Youth Activist

Adam is posting a series of essays he wrote as a young lad. Here’s an excerpt:

I also dont think we should be in Rwanada or Bosnia because they are not our wars and if Aborigines started having wars with us I wouldn’t want the Royal Nicaraguan Peacekeeping force helping us.

I did not celebrate Anzac because I am against war and think politicians who sent people to die in Nam should beheaded.

to the radical young man who penned the above? This:

Just goes to show that there is still hope for the multitude of young, impressionable minds currently protesting every second day around the nation.

Stew Kelly seems to think

March 26, 2003

Stew Kelly seems to think that the Coalition forces might use WMD in retaliation if Saddam does. Earth to Stu, the fact that Saddam might use WMD has never been a secret. If the coalition was planning on using WMDs, Baghdad would be glowing in the dark as we speak.

We aren’t planning on using them, and are taking every precaution to minimise civilian casualities. If we weren’t, Baghdad would already have been captured.

Apologies for not blogging since

March 26, 2003

Apologies for not blogging since last week. I don’t have a good excuse, except to say that I’ve been spending way too much time away from the PC. Normal blogging should resume next week.

Dummy Spit of the Week

March 22, 2003

Dummy Spit of the Week

Im scooping Gummo here, but I’m sure he’ll forgive me 🙂

Tim Dunlop is taking his bat + ball, and going home.

Hey Anti-American Protestors! I suggest

March 21, 2003

Hey Anti-American Protestors!

I suggest you read this before bleating about how the fascist Bush administration is “crushing dissent”. Especially these morons.

Protests around the nation tonight,

March 20, 2003

Protests around the nation tonight, although no mention of the ones in Perth.

12 idiots were arrested in the CBD after blocking St Georges Terrace. (For those who don’t live in Perth, this is the main thoroughfare for cars entering and leaving the city. i.e. People trying to go home after work). TV news showed them refusing to disperse after ignoring two police warnings to get off the road.

It seems that they were outdone though, by the efforts of the Sydney group:

And in Sydney police had to restrain an apparently misguided group who mobbed NSW Premier Bob Carr’s government vehicle, pelting it with paint and eggs.

The protesters swarmed around Mr Carr’s vehicle on the corner of Phillip and Bent Streets, shouting at the Premier to oppose the war.

Orange paint and two eggs were thrown over the white government car as some protesters struck the vehicle with their placards.

Demonstrators shouted “shame Carr, shame” and appeared to be asking the Premier to join the protest.

Mr Carr, who has repeatedly voiced his opposition to Australia’s involvement in the war, remained stony-faced behind the vehicle’s tinted windows.

(emphasis mine)

It’s articles like these that remind me that in many cases, it’s the PROTEST that’s important, not the cause. A large number of particpants have no idea what their feelings are. For them, the protests are just a rite of passage, or an excuse to do something illegal when the consequences are likely to be minimal.

Stew says: Now I’d noticed

March 20, 2003

Stew says:

Now I’d noticed that myself, righties often don’t have comments facilities, which seems to imply a communal gutlessness.

Now calling a “rightie” gutless is nothing new, but I can’t really see where the criticism comes from. To me, the primary reason for not having comments that most people put forward is that it’s just “too bloody hard”.

This view seems to be supported by the fact that most “Movable Type” bloggers, right or left, have comments enabled. Presumably it’s a lot easier to institute comments with movable type.

Tim Blair doesn’t have comments, and I’m guessing he’s the “gutless rightie” Stew is talking about. He also has a shitload of readers, so that could play a part. Most busier sites run Movable Type, but Tim is still using generic blogger templates, which are probably a lot trickIer to find a decent comments system for.

It may be true that more lefty sites contain comments, but mainly because more lefties run movable type. Obviously, this is because they are all artsy-fartsy snobs studying “Movable Type Studies” at university, and have free hosting provided by the World Workers Party. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In all honesty, comments are the favourite part of my site. I enjoy reading them even if you are taking the piss out of me, and if anything I don’t get enough.

The war has started. If

March 20, 2003

The war has started. If you don’t have a TV, you can stay updated here.

Tony blogs on the “Gilchrist

March 19, 2003

Tony blogs on the “Gilchrist Dismissal” last night and comes to the conclusion that he walked “by mistake” and not in some attempt to usher in a new era of good sportsmanship.

I don’t think Gilly walked by mistake, however. He seemed to be paying full attention to the umpire, and only walked after it was clear he wasn’t going to be given out.

I can’t claim to know Adam personally or even have ever met him, but I think I understand the motivation behind his walking last night.

Gilly wants to win the world cup really badly, but not because he wants “the cup’. He wants to win because Australia are the best team in world cricket, and walking when he knows he’s out in a crucial game is a way of proving that.

Gilly also has a huge amount of confidence in his team. You don’t walk if you are the last hope, but as an opener in a lineup like ours, its a moral privilege you can afford.

When it comes to walking as a batsman in cricket, there are 3 schools of thought.

1. I will walk when I’m out, as that is the noble thing to do. It’s a game, and I don’t want to win dishonestly, that would be a hollow victory.
2. I won’t walk, because you get as many bad decisions as you get good ones, and it balances out in the end.
3. I won’t walk, because I want to win at any cost.

In practice it’s pretty hard to tell between justification #2 and #3, but that is the most common philosophy at most grades of cricket. In the days before Packer, #1 was the more common thinking, and back in the days of Bradman, was the only way.

A very good case was made for #2 last night, when Michael Bevan was given out first ball, caught behind. He didn’t make contact but was nevertheless out. That decision could easily have cost as the game in the same way that Gilchrist not walking could have won it for us.

I don’t think Gilchrist is trying to set any kind of example for his teammates or opponents. In the end I think he walked for his own benefit. He sees a world cup victory where he walked when out as a more comprehensive one than if he didn’t, and good on him. I’m not sure John Buchanan would take the same view, though.

** As an aside, every time I watch Gilly I think of the Stephen Curry character Eddie from the “Changi” mini-series. Maybe I’m just crazy.