April Fool! SBS Tonight featured

April Fool!

SBS Tonight featured an episode of the Cutting Edge which was seemingly a paranoid investigation of the role the CIA played in recruiting Stanley Kubrik to fake the moon landing.

Donald Rumsfield, Henry Kissinger, Buzz Aldrin and many other high profile figures were featured in the documentary, along with a few lesser known “CIA officials”. The traditional photographic debunking of the moon photos was present, along with a conspiracy theory involving Kubrik and Rumsfeld.

Now to those who take an interest in conspiracy theories, this is hardly new. Freaks have been claiming the moon landing was faked for decades. What made this one unique was seeing Rumsfeld and Kissinger apparently detailing their own involvements (without naming any names).

At first I thought that the producers had just cut and pasted speeches from the big names around the main narrative, but then it just got more ridiculous. The documentary claimed that the US sent 100,000 troops into South East Asia to hunt down the actors that starrred in the fake film. The troops failed in their mission, but the actors were later “disappeared” by the CIA.

Just as I was wondering how SBS could screen such a load of drivel, the documentary ended. During the credits, Jackie Chan-style outtakes of Rumsfeld and Kissinger giggling like little girls at the scripts they were reading from, along with the actors who played the lesser parts fluffing their lines, lifted the ruse.

SBS 1 – Yobbo 0. Unfortunately the equaliser isn’t likely to come any time soon, since I can only SBS clearly 1 night in 7 where I live, so I don’t bother tuning in much.

In other April Fools hi-jinks,. I received the following E-mail from an unnamed blogger.

Subject: Leftists Condemn Fascist Saddam Hussein!

Message Body: April Fool!

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