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Ghurkas on Patrol

April 2, 2003

Ghurkas on Patrol

Ghurka soldiers patrol in Iraq. (pic stolen from News Corp)

When the British were out colonising Asia, they kept running into these guys. Not only did they hand the British their ass in a paper bag, they did it in such a brave and noble fashion it brought the British generals to tears.

Since the 1800’s Ghurkas have fought alongside British and Australian troops. From Gallipoli to East Timor: Ghurkas.

If you aren’t familiar with the history of the Ghurka fighters, it would be in your best interests to read the history of the Brigade of Ghurkas.

30,000 Nepalese apply to be Ghurkas each year, of which about 200 are accepted.

When human beings eventually invent the Lightsaber, it will be the Ghurkas who wield them. Thats how fucking cool Ghurkas are.

The only real warrior caste that can lay claim to the coolness of the Ghurka is the Ninja, which is explained by Robert. Unlike Ninjas, however, Ghurkas are still around and still fighting, which gives them the edge over the Ninja.

Debates over whether the name “Ninja” or “Ghurka” is cooler will be restricted to the comments box.

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Unfortunately, I missed the 7:30

April 2, 2003

Unfortunately, I missed the 7:30 report on ozbloggers. John Quiggin’s comments seem to be out of control due to it. Gareth not only had his site go down, but his comments are non-functioning, so I’m not sure if he benifitted much at all.

On the plus side, I think I saw Rob and Carita leaving the courthouse on the TV just then. Would have been much cooler if he didn’t though, eh?

Brian Lara, is that you?

April 2, 2003

Brian Lara, is that you?