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Welcome Moon Landing Freaks! Scroll

April 3, 2003

Welcome Moon Landing Freaks!

Scroll down or click here for my post on the Cutting Edge April Fool’s joke.

Now With Extra Gelatine! Conservative

April 3, 2003

Now With Extra Gelatine!

Conservative Ice Cream!

A fine alternative to the Cherry Guevara

Tony the Teacher is a

April 3, 2003

Tony the Teacher is a great man.

I’ll Get Him Next Time

April 3, 2003

I’ll Get Him Next Time

Drew Curtis keeps pipping me at the post in the hit count. 1 Million Hits on April Fools day.

Drastically Deluded Dept. Now that

April 3, 2003

Drastically Deluded Dept.

Now that Uday seems to have been “Decapitated”, the question is: Who will replace him as Iraq sports minister in the post-war administration?

Now, I can’t claim to know the selection criteria for the job, but based on my knowledge of Uday, I’d have to assume that “Crazy as a loon” would be one of the key qualifications.

With that in mind, I’d like to present my candidate, Greg Matthews.

Former Australian representative and NSW captain Greg Matthews believes at the age of 43 that he is still good enough to play first-class cricket, and rates himself the second-best spinner in NSW heading into this weekend’s Sydney grade final.

No doubt his first act as Iraq sports minister would be to request that all players remove their headgear.