Just Because I’m Paranoid, It

Just Because I’m Paranoid, It Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out To Get Me!

Commandante Corr thinks the US is deliberately targetting independent media in Baghdad because…well, he doesn’t really offer any motive, I guess it’s just because they are eeeeeeevil.

The Americans knew exactly what they were bombing. Abu Dhabi TV’s “identity is spelled out in large blue letters on the roof”. The Palestine Hotel is, to steal Ken’s phrase, “notoriously where nearly all international journalists were headquartered”. Al Jazeera insists that “Our office is in a residential area and even the Pentagon knows its location”.

So were the attacks accidental? Based on the eyewitness accounts: No.

Against Al Jazeera, the US seems to have flown past a couple of times to make sure they hit the right target:

In an unrelated story, Rob’s local deli has completely sold out of aluminium foil. And hats.

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