Greenpeace are Idiots. Free speech

Greenpeace are Idiots.

Free speech is a basic right in our country. Unfortunately, some elements in our society think that means that anything goes, as long as it’s accompanied by a message. Free Speech means what it says. It doesn’t give you the right to sabotage, piracy or otherwise hinder the actions of groups you are opposed to.

Actions like those yesterday highlight just how idiotic Greenpeace are. How can they be sure the RAN knew what the mission of the boats was? As Gareth notes:

Should someone have told them that the main role of the navy is to remove mines that impede the humanitarian effort? Do the Greens want the mines to stay in place or do they want humanitarian aid to get through?

Of course the obvious answer is: They don’t give a shit. They just want to get on the news no matter what happens. The only way the protest could have been more successful for Greenpeace is if the RAN Vessel opened fire on their boats. Not only would that mean worldwide coverage for Greenpeace, but a huge increase in their membership out of sympathy for the “innocentvictims.

I use the word “innocent” in quotation marks for a good reason. Members of Greenpeace and affiliated NGO’s are guilty of many crimes, ranging from Piracy to outright Wetworks.

Apart from the obvious illegality of actions against Warships, Greenpeace could quite easily be digging their own graves through their actions. Fedayeen in Iraq are already conducting suicide attacks disguised as Red Crescent Ambulances. How long before the first suicide attack under a Greenpeace Flag?

Boarding naval vessels is possibly the most stupid thing I can think of at this point in time. At least they had the good sense to do it to an Australian vessel this time. God knows what would have happened if they tried it on a US warship, and they’ve already been given a pretty clear message by the French.

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25 Comments on “Greenpeace are Idiots. Free speech”

  1. loly thom Says:

    dumb is the only word that comes 2 mind wen i read your article. wat r u stupid persimistic or blind, u have only noticed the bad things greenpeace do and ignored the good stuff. think about how much theyve changed your world or if u cant go to the website then well se wat ur writtin then. and if u can get past ur ignorance ull see its 99.9% great work do u see the difference.=( 😦

    • asdfas Says:

      loly thom :
      dumb is the only word that comes 2 mind wen i read your article. wat r u stupid persimistic or blind,

      Well, another calm greenpeace supporter. They like you as long as you’re not “dumb” or “blind”!
      Good luck if you’re not able to speak or not able to see! Greenpeace’ll get you!

    • person Says:

      Such as nothing thats what, Greenpeace has never done anything of any use, they’re just a bunch of post-60s hippies who don’t understand that you can’t go around doing things like that anymore and get away with it!

    • greg Says:

      what do you look after

  2. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Their always pulling off stupid stunts like this and yet theres always some idiots from HOLLYWEED who will send them money or appear in some rediculous public announcment or in junk mail to send the $500 to save something while all they use it fore is to buy fuel for those zodiacs and in ALASKA where GREENPEACE is dispised the people up there regularly poke holes in their zodiacs with harpoons i mean GREENPEACE ARE NOTHING BUT PIRATES

    • person Says:

      I agree, recently they boarded a ship carrying coal to a English powerstation, they could have blocked its way with their boats, instead they boarded it and held its crew captive which OBVIOUSLY IS piracy!

  3. Mad Bluebird Says:

    feed willie feed him that little brat in that stupid movie and feed him the grenpeace iidots

  4. Mad Bluebird Says:

    I hope to be reincarnated a a WESTERN KINGBIRD then i,ll chase all the hawks from some grenpeace sacuary and pop right on their head or in their stupid BRITTA water pitcher

  5. Well Cool. Says:

    Greenpeace are wanks. They are stupid.

    Look what they are doing to the Heathrow airport.. i mean come on! They are taking it way to far.. its only a couple of fucking planes.. and it means cheaper travel for me 🙂

    Greenpeace idiots! Are they going to take me to Holland? America? Russia? in there eco-plane..that magically runs on there brainwashed mins O.o

  6. Flu-Bird Says:


  7. Mad Bluebird Says:

    GREENPEACE are nothing but a bunch of pirates on the high seas and they should be teated as such instead of being lionized by a bunch of liberal doofusheads

  8. Mad Bluebird Says:

    The reasons those whales swim up that californa river is their hiding from GREENPEACE

  9. Ronia Says:

    I completely agree with Mad Bluebird.

  10. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Some GREENPEACE wackos were arrested scaling down MT RUSHMORE to unfurl one of their dumb banners urging OBAMA to stop this GLOBAL WARMING poppycock ONLY A TOTAL IDIOT WOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GREENPESTS

  11. Mad Bluebird Says:

    If these GREENPEACE jerks had their way we would be living in caves eating our food raw becuase their greenpricks dont approve of fire over this global warming crap I mean their modern day luddies and if they go and board s ship they should be treated as pirates and sent to prison for life

    • person Says:

      Yeah they take it too far, they go on about all these things and these are the same liberals forcing green and eco stuff down our throats as the liberals who say we’ve got “free speech”.
      Greenpeace basically say that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong and do these stupid stunts to get attention so basically they’re no better than the people they’re preaching against.
      Stop trying to force your views on people Greenpeace!

  12. Cody Says:


  13. BLUEY SHIT Says:


  14. Utarid Says:

    Greenpeace a bunch of idiot use by soya oil manufactures to kill palm oil industries. If they are genuine they should ask the soya farmer to give up their farming and reforest the land.

  15. Knightwoman Says:

    I hate GREEN PISS !!! I used to morally support them (since i didn’t have access to connect with them) but then i started to find out how they had done and i found more bad points. and the worst thing i knew about this dirty evil organization was when they started the cheap/cheesy campaign against Mattel to stop its deforestation. i actually agreed with GREEN PISS on this issue i just dislike their cheap/cheesy campaign!

    BTW climate exchange is real but global warming is hoax.

  16. Stop taking the car and walk u greenpeace idiots

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