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I Don’t Like Cricket, Oh

April 11, 2003

I Don’t Like Cricket, Oh No

Scott Wickstein has a good preview of the Windies/Australia test that started last night. Since it’s already started though, let’s take a look at the big news so far.

  • Australia chose to play both spinners. (Leaving out Martin Love)
  • With Hogg, Bichel and Lee in the side, Gilchrist moves to #6, and either Bichel or Hogg will be #7. In one day matches Australia has chosen Hogg ahead of Bichel, but Bichel’s good form should see him get the #7 spot. If he continues to bat well, he becomes what we have lacked since, well forever. A genuine test All-Rounder.
  • Bichel has already chipped in with 3 wickets, including Lara. Not a bad start.
  • Brett Lee dismissed debutant opener Devon Smith LBW, after it came basically off the middle of the bat onto his pad. A truly disgraceful decision by Rudi Koertzen.
  • Four LBW’s in the first innings. That is a lot.
  • The West Indies are awful and we will win 4-0 barring a double century by Lara.

Sux 2 B Me! Today

April 11, 2003

Sux 2 B Me!

Today I was planning on making an announcement that would, in effect, end my blogging adventure.

I applied to join the RAAF officer training program to be an Air Traffic Controller a while back. Last Friday I went in for my aptitude and ability testing at the Defence Force Recruiting center, and sat numerous tests.

The tests consisted of a pretty standard IQ test, as well as 2 specific tests sat by only RAAF officers enlisting as Pilots or Air Traffic Controllers. I got through these pretty handily and today was scheduled for medical testing and my final Interview. Getting through this final stage would see me offered a position in the officer training school in Point Cook, Victoria.

Unfortunately for me, I was deemed medically unfit for enlistment. I can quite confidently say I disagreed with the doctor’s conclusion. I have a skin condition that could be aggravated by combat training in swamp or jungle situations, which seems hardly important considering that the job I applied for was a non-combat role.

In any case I doubt I will be appealing the decision, so my announcement today is considerably less triumphant than I anticipated.

It’s not all bad news, however! After all, Iraq has been liberated by Coalition forces, and the Iraqi people are dancing in the streets (despite the predictions of the doomsayers). Along with that, my blog today will click over 5,000 unique hits today! That’s about 85 a day since I started in January.

So, thanks to everyone who has found time to read this blog since I started up, and I hope you continue to do so.