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Where is Raed, Indeed!

April 17, 2003

Steven den Beste blogs on the possibility that Salam Pax may not exist. Comparing the blog to that of Kaycee Nicole, which turned out to be a hoax:

Kaycee Nicole was a very popular blogger, a teenager, young and beautiful but suffering from leukemia. Her site included details about her life, her treatment, her health ups-and-downs, and eventually her death.

Steven Notes that “Where is Raed” was last updated on March 24, and adds this:

On March 25, Raed Rokan Al-Anbuge was arrested in New York and has been held by US authorities ever since:

A former Iraqi diplomat’s son accused of aiding Iraqi spies was actually helping the United States and plans to seek asylum, his lawyer said Tuesday.

The lawyer, Thomas H. Nooter, spoke on behalf of Raed Rokan Al-Anbuge, 28, after the son of Iraq’s former liaison with United Nations weapons inspectors appeared briefly in federal court.

In any case, if it was a hoax, it was a pretty damn good one that fooled a lot of people.