Appearances Can Deceive

Ken Parish notes that Kim Beazley could get back the leadership of the labour party:

Bomber is a genuinely nice bloke, which isn’t a label you’d easily attach to any of Howard, Costello or Crean

Now at the risk of bringing up a Bunyip-style poopy-pants story, a rather eccentric uncle of mine has a favourite story that goes a bit like this….

Way back in the Dreamtime, before the Yobbo clans descended upon the wheatbelt, they had settled pretty comfortably in the Claremont area. A few even had the luck to marry into a bit of money.

My stark raving lunatic of a great aunt was one such lucky lass, who made a home for herself among the elite in Bayview Terrace. As a young boy, my even crazier uncle would frequent the Claremont house for a bit of a lark and the odd cricket game.

One of the kids who’d turn up the regular test matches on Bayview was a ruddy faced porker called Kimberley, who was something of an aspiring batsman. He wasn’t too bad either, by all accounts.

One unfortunate day though, Kim was dismissed in dubious fashion, hitting the ball over a fence that had only recently been reclassified to “Six and Out” designation.

This was the final straw, and a massive tantrum ensued. Finally, Kim (Quite Literally) took his bat and ball, and went home. He never returned to the hallowed turf at Bayview.

Now, Kim really does seem like a nice guy nowadays, and the youthful tantrum is hardly a good indicator of the man today. Nevertheless, my uncle absolutely loves telling this story, and by posting it I stand a good chance of some free beers next time I visit.

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