What Price Freedom?

Not very much, Apparently.

THE United States has offered $US200,000 for the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Now maybe it’s just me, but $200,000 doesn’t seem like a hell of a lot to catch a guy with the resources of 25 years worth of oil sales behind him.

It’s not all bad news for young Iraqis thinking about a career in Bounty Hunting though:

US forces are also offering food, basic necessities and other incentives to encourage Iraqi citizens to provide “information and other assistance … including the delivery of dangerous personnel and weapons.”

Officers in the field may authorise rewards of up to $2500 and the war commander, General Tommy Franks can authorise up to $50,000.

Enterprising human shields who are still in Iraq may be able to make a bit of extra cash as well. After all, Dad’s chequebook is probably pretty bare by now.

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