Soldiers Wanted (Kinda)

I’m not the only one who has been rejected from the Australian Defence Force for no particular reason:

Mat Houston, 28, from Coolum Beach, on the Sunshine Coast, said the Australian Army advised him 12 months ago that he had been accepted.

But on April 11 he received a rejection letter from the Defence Force Recruiting Organisation just one day after getting his final congratulatory acceptance letter.

The rejection letter blamed Mr Houston’s neck tattoo, which he says represents his Chinese birthmark plus a lotus flower, which he had done about two years ago and which extends slightly above his collar line.

“Apparently they (tattoos) are not allowed to be seen,” Mr Houston said.

When I was waiting to be called in the 6-10 hours of testing I undertook during my application, I passed the time reading a bit of ADF literature.

A common theme seemed to be the frustration in losing so many capable, trained employees to the private sector.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a big problem if they didn’t keep rejecting people for reasons like this.

(Link thanks to James Russell)

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