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May 31, 2003




I Don’t Know How I Lived Without It

May 31, 2003

Tim Blair’s new page with comments is proving to be just as much fun as everyone hoped.


May 31, 2003

Lack of posting this weekend has been due to changing ISP’s. My new email address is linked on the left.

After the 2 days of enforced absence, I returned to find that Adam and Tony have joined Drivelwarehouse!

Our illustrious line-up of bloggers now totals 6:

The Drivel Warehouse – Rich Baillie
My Two Cents – Gareth Parker
A Yobbo’s View – Sam Ward
Bitchin’ Monaro Guide – Peter Kerr
After Grog Blog – Tony Taylor
The Supermercado Project – Adam Woolcock

Check ’em out.

And for those of you who are still using Telstra as an ISP… For the love of god, change!

Yobbo Recommends:


Both are cheaper than Telstra, and don’t make you commit to ridiculous contracts. I can’t really tell you much about the service, except that the only way they could be worse than Telstra is if they sent a man around once a week to punch you in the face and drink all your beer.

If you are still on dialup you should seriously consider the $49.95 or $59.95 flat rate plans. When you factor in the cost of calls to your ISP, let alone if you are paying for a second phone line for your connection, it’s cheaper than dialup, has no time limits or session limits, and much, much faster.

I hope that cheque is in the mail fellas.

Wasting Money

May 30, 2003

Wasting money is fun. Everybody does it from time to time. Just last year I bought an electric shaver. It’s bloody useless and I went back to razors after 2 attempts. Cost me $250. Anybody want to buy it?

I also waste money daily by not planning ahead, and buying a pack of smokes after 6pm. The supermarkets are shut by then, so I have to pay $1.50 extra for the Deli variety.

It’s my money, I don’t like wasting it, but if I do, nobody is hurt except me.

It’s not like I’m the Australian government or anything!

The government wastes a lot of money on things we don’t need. Here’s a few examples of stupid shit the government has spent money on lately.

Top 5 things the Australian government has wasted money on lately.

Ban Soccer!

May 28, 2003

Stew Kelly whinges about smokers:

Smokings been in the news a lot in the last couple of weeks. A new report on passive smoking being pretty much harmless. New Yorks new anti-smoking laws.

And of course it’s a fairly polarising issue as a lot of people smoke and feel like the worlds out to get them, and a lot of people don’t smoke and are tired of having their clothes, hair and general environment made to smell freakin’ awful by a bunch of inconsiderate, foul-breathed neanderthals who likely lacked any ability to resist peer pressure of any form when in high school.

Anyway, were do I stand on the issue of banning smoking in public places? Take a friggin’ guess 🙂

It leaves me though in something of a quandary. I really, truly don’t like laws like anti-smoking laws. Usually.

Stew goes on to say that he doesn’t really dislike anti-smoking laws at all. What he really dislikes are smokers. Anti-smoking laws are fine, because smokers are all arseholes.

You know what I hate? Soccer. You see, I grew up playing Australian Rules Football. Aussie Rules is the only code of football that should be allowed in Australia, in my opinion. It’s simply not good enough that stadium owners and sporting organisations are allowed to choose what sports they support in their clubs. Everyone should be forced to play Aussie Rules, or not play at all.

Soccer players are, without exception, little girly boys. Aussie rules players are not only masculine and tough, without being overly so, but also educated enough to carry on an intelligent conversation without ever reaching the point of pretension.

In other words, I’m right and everybody else is wrong. And because I’m right, everyone should work as a team and do it my way.

Pissweak Photoshops

May 28, 2003

Samizdata is having a photoshop competition (of sorts) to commemorate the taking over of Britain by the EU:

If there are any talented graphic designers out there perhaps they might want to grasp this opportunity to design a symbol that will, from now on, represent the ‘Country formerly known as Britain’.

I couldn’t think of a symbol to represent Britain, but here’s my (highly unoriginal) representation of the EU…

I Hope the Muslims Win

May 28, 2003

…this particular battle:

Dog will not be renewing his PETA membership.

“Jewish and Muslim communities would lose the legal right to slaughter animals without stunning under proposals to be put forward next month by a government committee.

The proposals disclosed to The Times are set to anger religious groups, who claim it will end thousands of years of religious rites.

Under European animal welfare regulations, all farm animals must be stunned before slaughter, unless they are killed by religious methods known as halal for Muslims and shechita for Jews. Both methods involve religously trained slaughtermen using sharp knives to cut the throats of cows, sheep and chickens and letting them bleed to death.”

This same “bleeding” method is used on farms such as the Yobbo’s, except with the enlightened prayer replaced by the ungodly cursing of an old farmer with arthritic elbows trying to lift a sheep over a rail.

I have experienced this process on many occasions and thus far not a single sheep has complained.

Bring on the Candidates

May 26, 2003

In the spirit of debate, and a warning to Australians of why I should never be appointed Prime Minister, I would like to introduce the candidates for Governor General. At least, the ones I would consider if I was PM.

Not actually having any experience in appointing a head of state undemocratically, I had to do a bit of research to find out what the Governor General actually does, and what qualities he/she should possess.

The Vast Right Wing Booty Call

May 25, 2003

Some unoriginal dork made yet another deck of playing cards featuring American Conservatives. Ho Ho. This exercise wasn’t completely useless though, because now I know who the 4 of diamonds, Michelle Malkin is.

She gets the nod over Virgina Postrel as the official Yobbo Right-Wing babe. This is a permanent position that is only vacated when I find someone better. More Images! More Babes!


May 25, 2003

Tim Blair has moved his blog to Movable Type, and now has comments enabled.

More good news: The Dockers are on a roll.