Evil Eagles

I blame Daniel Chick for encouraging people to do stupid shit like this:

She raised the example of people volunteering to have a leg or arm amputated, simply because they do “not feel at ease with it, or would prefer the look or feel of a radically altered body”.

It was wrong to dismiss such people, proudly hacking off their healthy limbs, as mentally ill. This was, as the paper put it, actually a “legitimate phenomenon”.

“What is self-mutilation and what is body art — that line is very unclear,” said Sullivan, a mother with five tattoos and piercings in her nose and ears.

Well, call me a killjoy, but if cutting off your healthy leg isn’t self-mutilation, what is?

In the interest of cultural understanding, I think West Coast should send a representative – let’s say Michael Gardiner – to learn more about this interesting phenomenon.

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