Atheism: Why Bother?

Steven Den Beste posted 3 156,000 word articles about atheism this week. He makes a lot of sense if you have 2 spare days to read it all. Links here here and here.

Steven explains how atheism can’t be proven, because that isn’t the way scientific theory works. Thats my 1 line summation of his thesis, anyway.

I’d like someone to address the game theory of Atheism…

Let’s say that I’m wrong, and there is a God after all. I’m assuming I go to hell.

The problem is, there’s no big payoff for being right, since being right means an experience of a loss of conciousness, followed by nothing for eternity.

I guess you can’t choose what you believe, but the whole setup seems like a really bad bet to me.

My question is: Why do people bother being atheists, when we’ve got nothing to gain from it? Do we like being right that much?

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