Good Signs At Freo

The Western Bulldogs are in a fair bit of trouble. It’s safe to say that Fremantle aren’t the biggest drawcard in the East, but a crowd of just over 12,000 on Sunday’s game is extremely poor indeed.

The fact that the few Fremantle supporters drowned out the Bulldogs’ for most of the match speaks volumes about how their club is going.

Last year, that wouldn’t have mattered. Fremantle still would have lost to them, because we simply couldn’t win away.

Apologies are due to Troy Cook, Shaun McManus and Dion Woods. After I ripped into them following the Kangaroos game, all three have been exceptional in the last fortnight.

Trent Croad and Jeff Farmer continue to struggle. Luckily for them, they are playing alongside the greatest forward in the history of game in Paul Medhurst, so don’t really have to do much at the moment.

Our three away losses have been to Richmond, Adelaide and West Coast so far, who currently sit 2nd, 3rd and 4th on the ladder. Our next three weeks represents a significant opportunity to improve our position, with St Kilda at home, Melbourne away, and Carlton at home. Interestingly, the top 8 ladder currently contains all six non-Victorian teams.

If we can keep it up in the next few weeks, my prediction is looking good (Except for West Coast, who continue their tradition of pissing me off no end).

Update: Pete Kerr points to an ABC transcript about the Baha’i faith that was on recently. With any luck, our very own Baha’i will be back on track next week.

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