We Are All…

It’s getting less specific all the time. Once, we were all Berliners. Now we are just all white people. Except for the ones that aren’t, I guess.

Three of the self-confessed Bali bombers have described their 202 victims, including 88 Australians, as sinners and “infidels” and the Sari Club as a “place of adultery”.

On the eve of the Bali trial, Ali Imron, the bomb-maker, said the Sari Club deserved to be destroyed because “it was a place of sin”.

“The Sari Club was a place of adultery,” he said in an secretly obtained interview with London’s Sunday Times.

The three men – Imron, 38, his brother, Amrozi, 40, who bought the explosives, and Imam Samudra, 34, the logistical mastermind – said they targeted the club expecting it to be full of Americans, but were not disappointed to kill so many Australians.

Australians, Americans, whatever – they are all white people,” said Imron, who admitted training with Islamic mujahideen terrorists on the Afghanistan-Pakistani border and being a follower of Osama bin Laden. But he insisted the “idea of this bombing did not come from him”.

None of the men expressed any remorse for the killings and all expect to be executed by firing squad.

(Emphasis mine)

Of course, everyone knows that this is really about the failings of American foreign policy and stuff.

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