Our Nicole

Everyone is up in arms about the Nicole Kidman smoking “furore”. Big bloody deal, she smokes. Here’s a convenient list for the anti-smoking lobby: Female celebrities who smoke in movies, listed alphabetically, along with those cretins who actually smoke IN REAL LIFE!

What really annoys me about this whole deal though, is the “pro-Nicole” crowd. Sure, she’s a very successful actress. Probably even a good actress. I wouldn’t know, ask a film buff. At the risk of sounding like Adam vs Brett Lee

Beautiful? You have got to be kidding me.

I’m all for patriotism, but lumping Nicole in with the so-called “beautiful people” is an absolute travesty. As far as actresses go, she’s average. She also has red hair.

There are so many absolutely hot actresses around, why do we all have to go around pretending Nicole is hot when she isn’t?

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