Lack of posting this weekend has been due to changing ISP’s. My new email address is linked on the left.

After the 2 days of enforced absence, I returned to find that Adam and Tony have joined Drivelwarehouse!

Our illustrious line-up of bloggers now totals 6:

The Drivel Warehouse – Rich Baillie
My Two Cents – Gareth Parker
A Yobbo’s View – Sam Ward
Bitchin’ Monaro Guide – Peter Kerr
After Grog Blog – Tony Taylor
The Supermercado Project – Adam Woolcock

Check ’em out.

And for those of you who are still using Telstra as an ISP… For the love of god, change!

Yobbo Recommends:


Both are cheaper than Telstra, and don’t make you commit to ridiculous contracts. I can’t really tell you much about the service, except that the only way they could be worse than Telstra is if they sent a man around once a week to punch you in the face and drink all your beer.

If you are still on dialup you should seriously consider the $49.95 or $59.95 flat rate plans. When you factor in the cost of calls to your ISP, let alone if you are paying for a second phone line for your connection, it’s cheaper than dialup, has no time limits or session limits, and much, much faster.

I hope that cheque is in the mail fellas.

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