Telstra Update

Anyone who reads Australian broadband news service Whirlpool knows that aren’t very fond of Telstra. Can you blame them?

Telstra visited ADSL whistleblower Steve Mann’s home this week, serving him with a disconnection notice after he told Whirlpool the carrier appeared to favour Bigpond in ADSL line testing.

Mann raised the alarm that Telstra Wholesale had rejected his application for iiNet ADSL, but subsequently accepted a Bigpond ADSL application.

When Mann questioned Telstra over this, the carrier offered him a generous settlement in exchange for dropping the complaint, including the continuation of his ADSL service, a refund of his installation fee, ongoing discounts and triple his monthly download allowance.

But after he went public with the information, the telco reneged on the settlement and told him it could no longer provide the ADSL service.

For those who haven’t gone the ADSL route yet, the first step in the signup process is seeing if your phone line is close enough to an exchange to receive the service.

As Mr Mann found out, your chances are much better if you apply for a Telstra ADSL line, rather than any of its competitors’ (which are identical).

I encourage all my readers to cancel their phone and internet accounts with Telstra. There are plenty of (cheaper and better) alternatives.

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