Reaming Rene

Here’s Crikey’s take on the Rivkin case, which sums it up pretty well:

Rehabilitation is none existent in prisons. It does not work. Rehabilitation programs outside of prison at least have a half a chance. We ought to be serious about rehab or not at all.

Rene Rivkin in the clink does nobody any good. He would be better off working his penalty out by, say, trading on behalf of the community 2 days a week for the next year. He takes the losses, the community takes the profit.

As it is his incarceration will just cost us.

Rene Rivkin never hurt anybody. He stole $400 and nobody really knows who from. Certainly he didn’t do it violently.

A first offender, no history of violence. No threat to the community. Chances of rehabilitation: good. If he wasn’t a celebrity, he’d be on a good behaviour bond and nobody would blink.

Unfortunately for Rene Rivkin, he’s a rich, fat, arrogant prick. That’s hardly deserving of jail though, is it?

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