Merci Bien

France belatedly expressed gratitude to Britain by hosting a week-long celebration for a group of British soldiers in Lourdes.


BRITISH war heroes on a religious pilgrimage told last night of their shock when French police attacked them with tear gas in a hotel bar.

Scores of servicemen and their guests – some in wheelchairs – were stunned as 30 cops threw three gas canisters at them in the town of Lourdes, renowned for miracle cures

But you can’t be too hard on the police. After all, the servicemen were breaking the law:

Police chiefs in Lourdes – visited by hundreds of thousands each year for its healing waters – said the 2am incident happened because the pilgrims were breaking a local by-law that bans late-night boozing.

Lourdes police commissioner Didier Ribeyrolle admitted the use of tear gas was “inappropriate”

But he said: “The hotel showed a lax attitude to our by-laws. Some patrons may have been shocked by the methods used, but the rules must be respected.”

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