Too Many Cooks…

It’s no secret that Niall Cook dislikes just about everything about Australia. Of course, that distaste is in no way comparable to the seething fireball of hatred he reserves for the USA.

He doesn’t really like Israel all that much either (presumably because they are controlled by the US, or the other way around, depending on which leftist conspiracy theory you subscribe to.)

If the U.S. were in any way serious about brokering a peaceful solution to the middle-east issue, they would cancel all foreign & military aid to Israel until the state sponsored terrorism ceased.

In other words, the Israeli Defense Force is nothing more than a terrorist organisation to Niall. Niall’s solution to the Israel/Palestinian conflict? Disarm one side, and let the brave freedom fighters of Hamas (who don’t receive any aid from anyone, obviously) massacre whomever they please. After all, they deserve it.

Helping Israel is one thing, but god forbid that the US should try to help out Australia, as that would really draw his wrath, as evidenced in this post.

The question I’m drawn to ask is ‘why?’ What do we owe the u.s. that we should allow their forces to be permanently based on our soil?

We don’t “owe” them anything Niall. They are, however, involved in a purely voluntary alliance with us, which presents little real benefit for them militarily. In exchange for us letting them have a base here and there, we don’t have to worry about being able to actually defend ourselves, because they do it for us.

They’ve only actually had to do it once, but I’m sure glad they did.

Are we at war? no, we’re not.

Many people would disagree, including all the leaders of the Western World, and the leaders of the organisations that we are war with. Forgive me if I believe them rather than you. I’m a sucker for man in uniform.

Are we under threat from a hostile force? no, we’re not.

Again, I’ll go with someone that might actually know what they are talking about.

Are we economically so bereft that we need yankee soldiers spending their greenbacks in our markets and bazaars? Not according to the prime-monster-in-waiting.

Well, no. On the other hand, some people like money. And the more the better. Niall, of course, thinks money is evil. Which is an EQUALLY VALID CULTURAL ASSERTION.

Notice Niall’s clever twist of the word “Prime-Minister” into “Prime-Monster”. Pure Gold.

In summation, not only do I hope that the US does start up some manned bases in Australia, but I hope the government reclaims Niall’s house to stick it on, and relocates him to Lakemba.

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