P-Platers Vindicated

Last night’s national driving test reaffirmed a few of my observations about the unfair sanctions imposed on P-Plate drivers by most Australian states.

While the test only measured road laws knowledge, it is, nonetheless an illustration of why age-based discrimination in Driving laws is not only immoral, but also practically useless.

The panel of driving instructors answered 76 per cent of questions correctly to be the highest-placed group for the night.

They were followed by the truck drivers (67 per cent), taxi drivers (65 per cent), P-platers (62 per cent) and women (61 per cent).

Far from the latent killers in need of restrictions and curfews that the government believes young people to be, P-Platers ranked behind only Professional Drivers in their knowledge of the rules of the road. The lowest ranked were “Over-65s”, who suffer no such restrictions on their freedom.

If we are going to apply blanket regulations to a group of drivers, let’s make sure we don’t forget the real dangers on our roads: Women, Celebrities, Over-65s, and Tim Blair’s readership.

Full results are available here. Take the test yourself here.

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