Bloody Cats

One of the most depressing stories I’ve read for quite some time in New Scientist reveals that cats are even harder to kill than first thought.

Scientists can now reveal that even throwing a cat off the top of a 30 floor office tower isn’t a guaranteed kill:

Briefly, the authors examined injuries and mortality rates in cats that had been brought to their hospital following falls ranging from between 2 and 32 storeys. Overall mortality rates were low, with 90 per cent of the cats surviving, a fact that supports the correspondent’s ailurophobic friend.

This sort of information is why it was so easy for our ancestors to work out that cats were the Devil’s familiars. You can’t even kill them by throwing them off cliffs, fergodsake.

Luckily though, they aren’t completely indestructible:

However, the study unexpectedly found that the incidence of injuries and death peaked for falls of around seven storeys, and then actually decreased for falls from greater heights.

Read the whole thing to find out how to do the job properly.

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