There’s A Good Boy

Be a nice shark, and come out the tuna cage…We’ll give you a schmacko!

So how do you persuade a great white shark to come out of what sounds like shark, fast-food heaven: a cage filled with more than 100 oops, make that 99, no, 98 bluefin tuna?

Scientists have been grappling unsuccessfully with the problem since last Thursday when the five-metre shark entered an experimental fish farm seven kilometres off Port Lincoln, in South Australia.

“We have been trying to lure her out with a dead-tuna bait dangled near the opening to the cage. But not surprisingly, perhaps, it didn’t work. I suspect she’s been eating her fill inside,” explained Professor Anthony Cheshire, chief scientist at the South Australian Research and Development Institute.

The department does not want to kill the shark. It cannot anaesthetise it, because a vast quantity of tranquilliser is needed and, anyway, someone would later have to resuscitate the fish.

Sounds like a job for Jimmy Carter!

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