Gallop To Business: Go Fuck Yourselves!

Sunday Trading is off the agenda until, well, forever:

THE West Australian government will leave retail hours in the state unchanged until after the next election, when shopping hours will extend daily till 9pm, but not to Sundays.

The announcement, which upholds the status quo of WA’s current, fixed trading until February 2005, is set to prompt a legal challenge by Harvey Norman in the retail giant’s push to have trading hours totally freed up.

“You couldn’t possibly have thought of a worse result,” Harvey Norman chairman Gerry Harvey said.

And Gallop’s justification for the decision? Well, how would people manage their time without the all-knowing government to help?

“There is a desire for extra trading hours, we respect that.

“But there’s a need for time to be available for families, for leisure, for sport and recreation, for community, and that’s why we’ve reached this decision.”

Gallop must think that the evil corporations are fitting tractor beams to their stores to force people to shop, or something. Who knows.

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