Gaz Officially Famous

Gareth gets mentioned (twice!) in this article in the Age. The writer seems a little confused at the beginning:

Here’s what you didn’t see in the headlines this week:

More cyberbarking in the debate between Tim Blair ( and Gareth Parker ( over political bias at the ABC’s Media Watch.

I don’t remember Gareth and Tim having any disagreements that could be described as barking lately. Maybe she meant Gary Sauer-Thompson.

The rest of the article goes on with a pretty basic summation of the popularity of blogs etc. Where this article falls short, like many others, is that it fails to mention me. HELLO! IM A WHORE FOR ATTENTION! PUT ME ON TV! Gareth gets mentioned twice! He hasn’t even posted anything for the last month asfkl;sdajsl;fjas excuse me while I kill myself. The end.

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