I Don’t Like Japan…Oh No!

I Love it!

So what’s the course selection like at Porn college?

AV Cultures School’s site (www.av-cs.jp) boasts that students are free to select the course they would like to attend and can learn the nitty gritty of being a porno star, adult video script writer, camera operator or director. Classes are held on weekends, making them accessible for most workers, with each of the courses continuing for one year. Students also get to go on field trips to actual shoots. For those who are unable to make it to the class, however, the school also offers distance learning classes that can be downloaded from the Internet.

In all honesty, a degree from this place is going to be worth a hell of a lot more than most humanities. You are learning a valuable skill that is going to be widely sought after in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

This and other culturally important stories from Japan brought to you by the WaiWai section of the Mainichi Daily News.

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