Telstra Telstra Uber Alles

We don’t need an inquiry into Telstra. We need a Bulldozer.

Telstra is using standover tactics to intimidate broadband customers who want to move to a different ISP, federal parliament was told yesterday.

Senator Alston said he would look into the claims that Telstra had visited ADSL customer Steve Mann at home to threaten to disconnect his service.

Bigpond spokesperson Kerrina Lawrence told Whirlpool the telco would be monitoring the line closely to ensure that nearby telephone services were not affected by Mann’s ADSL service being pushed outside the regular distance limits for ADSL.

ADSL customer Steve Mann was yesterday bemused over the whole saga. He said Telstra had told him he had a ‘stay of execution’.

Can we start busting it into itty bitty little pieces yet? I’ll man the bulldozer, free of charge!

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