Everyone: Prohibition Still Bad Idea

Anti-prostitution laws apparently cause more problems than they solve:

THREE Thai women have been detained and three Chinese women told their visas will be cancelled after a series of raids on Perth brothels at the weekend.

The Australian Federal Police and Immigration Department raids were made as part of an investigation into sex slavery and human trafficking and a crackdown on illegal immigrants in the sex industry.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said WA police were hamstrung in dealing with the issue because of outdated legislation.

“The fact that we don’t have proper sensible legislation in place here . . . is really making our police fight with one hand behind their backs,” she said. Brothels were not legal and so they could not be regulated.

Police could shut brothels if it was found they were involved in sexual servitude but they could not stop the brothel owner opening up another brothel.

Mrs Roberts said legislation was needed to establish a prostitute licensing control board to allow the State to have some say in who was running brothels. She said police were in an awkward situation and one of the benefits of a licensing board would be to keep out people with links to organised crime or with drug convictions.

Prohibition only serves to turn control of said industry over to criminals. This is a difficult concept that many kindergarten children and politicians have problems with. Extra Special Kudos to the Greens on this one, who opposed the bill on the grounds that it didn’t go far enough, instead preferring to not change anything. (?)

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