Stop Killing Jews? Huh?

The PFLP-GC today asked the question on the lips of every terrorist:

“How will a promise to not kill Jews help us achieve our goal of killing all Jews?”

THE Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Command (PFLP-GC) today firmly rejected any ceasefire with Israel, following truce declarations by five other Palestinian factions.

“We are not bound by the unilateral truce and it does not influence us at all,” the Damascus-based Palestinian militant group said in a statement received here.

“The fighters and the heros in Palestine will continue the armed struggle until the last inch of our land is liberated,” it said.

The PFLP-GC, founded by Ahmad Jibril, opposes the Middle East peace process and aims for the destruction of Israel.

Comments from Niall to follow…

Update: Truce Shmooce.

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