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July 4, 2003

What’s worrying about this search isn’t that it happened, but how highly ranked I am…try this instead.

Ningaloo Reef For Hippies Only

July 4, 2003

Western Australia – home of natural attractions so delicate and pristine that they need to be forever hidden from the eyes of humans:

THE West Australian government has rejected a proposal for a controversial development near the environmentally-sensitive Ningaloo Reef in the state’s mid-north.

Developers have been trying for 16 years to build a residential and tourist accommodation at a site known as Mauds Landing, which is near the 280km strip of coral reef 1,200km north of Perth.

Dr Geoff Gallop momentarily removed his foot from the face of the WA economy to proclaim:

“I think there were far too many risks involved in accepting this development,”

Dr Gallop ignored the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Authority in favour of a crack research team of Novelists, Singers and Actresses in coming to his decision.


July 4, 2003

Do the writers at the West want Pauline back, or do they just *really* hate Geoff Gallop?

WHEN Pauline Hanson spoke five years ago of a police-enforced midnight curfew for children under 16, the former One Nation party leader was ridiculed as reactionary.

But when Western Australia’s Labor government introduced a 10pm ban for under-15s in Perth’s troubled entertainment precinct Northbridge last week, there was barely a ripple of criticism.

In Pauline’s defence, at least she could cook fish and chips. Gallop is of no use to anyone.

People Dying, Send Troops!

July 4, 2003

US Democrat Howard Dean called on President Bush to intervene in Liberia because, unlike the uptopian wonderland of Iraq, people are actually in danger of dying there!

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a prominent opponent of the war in Iraq, called Wednesday for dispatching U.S. troops to Liberia to head off a human rights crisis. (…)

Dean argued there’s no inconsistency in opposing the war in Iraq while backing intervention in Africa. He said Bush never made the case that Iraq posed a threat to the world. “The situation in Liberia is exactly the opposite,” Dean said. “There is an imminent threat of serious human catastrophe and the world community is asking the United States to exercise its leadership.”

Allowing this guy to walk around unrestrained is a “serious human catastrophe” waiting to happen.

July 4 Entry

July 4, 2003

Nothing important happened today.