$60k Funding For Child Snuff Video

Victorian taxpayers can at least be happy in the knowledge that their heard earned dollars are going to someone who truly deserves it:

VICTORIANS are queuing to see a controversial nude video show about the murder of a young girl.

The Pentimento exhibition in Federation Square was yesterday besieged by curious onlookers and slammed by child abuse groups.

The show includes full frontal nude shots of a young girl with an old man, images of the girl with a knife in her hand and a picture of her murdered, decaying body.


He said the work received $40,000 funding from the Victorian Government through the now defunct arts organisation Cinemedia and $20,000 from the Federal Government’s Arts Council.

Next week I’m going to take a crap in a box of cornflakes, take it to the Australian Arts council, and demand $50,000 funding for my artistic interpretation of the increasing corporatisation of agriculture. How could any self-respecting arts council member reject that sort of brilliance?

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One Comment on “$60k Funding For Child Snuff Video”

  1. Saul Rubenstein Says:

    Brilliant! And the cornflakes idea is not bad either. Do you have any exhibits of young blondes are even Japanese girls getting pigs blood pourn on their heads? How about pig manuer?

    Any gang-bangs of young “looking” ones by negroes? That’s HOT!

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