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July 7, 2003

Wondering why Gaz has decided to start posting regularly this week?

Where do people go on ~ 42% ~ 18% ~ 18% ~ 15% ~ 6%
Other websites ~ 1%

* Disclaimer – These stats are not in any way representative of how many people are actually reading our sites, but why let the truth get in the way of a good gloat?

Royal HRP Armed Forces: Never Defeated

July 7, 2003

Steve Edwards blogs on the war that Australian military and government conspirators have tried to cover-up for decades:

It seems our Yobbo’s favourite monarch, Prince Leonard of Hutt, is in fact a belligerent rogue dictator who in 1977 waged bloody war against the peaceful people of Australia.

The Australian Civil War however, was nothing compared to the cycle of violence that has plagued the similarly styled Principality of Sealand:

In 1968, the British navy attempted to evict the new inhabitants of Roughs Tower. Prince Roy responded by firing several shots at the vessels, and as a result was summoned to a British court.

In 1978, while Prince Roy was away, a German man and several Dutch citizens forcibly took over Roughs Tower and held Prince Roy’s son, Michael, captive, releasing Michael several days later in the Netherlands. Prince Roy enlisted some well-armed help and, in a helicopter assault, retook the fortress.

The 1980’s ushered in a new period of peace and prosperity for Sealand, allowing its peaceful citizens realise their dream of building a tax-free gambling paradise.

Gallop Media Whore: Corr

July 7, 2003

Geoff Gallop continues to come under attack from all sides for the ridiculous Northbridge curfew:

The Western Australian Premier Geoff Gallop has been heavily criticised at the Labor Party’s State Conference for developing law and order policies for the benefit of talk back radio listeners.

The Premier’s Northbridge curfew remains a source of frustration within the Labor party.

The Northbridge curfew has generated scathing criticism of the Premier from the party’s left faction.

Robert Corr, from the Metal Workers Union, told Labor’s conference the development of the policy was haphazard and more concerned about providing media coverage for the Premier than any real desire to effect positive change.

He said the lack of consultation had been atrocious and said it was clear the Government still had not sorted out the details.

Metal Worker’s Union? Please Explain!

Police Cats Needed

July 7, 2003

Nothing to see here

RATS high on drugs have been running wild in the ceiling of a police station after munching on speed and pot exhibits.

Rodents infesting the Caboolture station, north of Brisbane, have chewed through bags containing amphetamines and cannabis, and their urine has been found dripping down walls.

Queensland Police Union general secretary Phil Hocken said the “green leafy material nurtured by druggies” had become a meal for the rodents, and rats had been seen with “their eyes wide open, running frantically for no reason at all, round in circles”.

Probably looking for chips!

Hot For Teacher

July 7, 2003

Tony T. should be pleased at the latest developments in education in Europe:

A Swiss teacher who posted nude photographs of herself on the Internet has chosen to resign rather than remove the photos.

The woman had posed as a nude model in her free time and wanted to use the web photos to find artists to employ her.

However, they were instead discovered by pupils at her school, prompting parents to lodge a complaint.

She must be a bit of alright, seeing as the kids weren’t complaining.