Double Standards

All those commentators who think that the Big Brother technician should be sacked for his “fat” remark, get a load of this:

ONE of Queensland’s new fire ant control officers has been on sick leave for more than a year and faces a life of continuing medical problems after he was allegedly kicked in the groin by his female boss.

Rob Harvatt, 33, claims he and a group of colleagues ? including his female team leader ? had stopped at a service station on the way to a job at Pallara, in Brisbane’s western outskirts in April 2002.

He says the team leader kicked him between the legs from behind while he was leaning into a work vehicle, her shoe hitting his groin and creating massive swelling. He stopped working a few days later.

Mr Harvatt has since had two operations to remove infected lumps in his groin and suffers from abscesses.

And what action was taken against his boss? Well, Nothing:

The woman remains employed by the Primary Industries Department.

Mr Harvatt said he reported the matter to the DPI but one of his superiors “laughed it off”. Police are now investigating.

Woman kicking a bloke in the nuts with stilettos so hard he needs an operation: Funny!

Bloke uttering the word “fat” when a hyper-sensitive fat woman is around: UNFORGIVABLE!

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