FANG, Greens Out Of Ideas

The “axis of feeble” that is the WA Greens and the Fremantle Anti-Nuclear Group have run out of reasons to oppose US military training:

Despite assurances that no depleted uranium munitions are being used during the exercises, about 30 anti-nuclear campaigners gathered in Fremantle to protest against the exercises.

WA Greens MP Dee Margetts, who has protested against the use of Lancelin by the US military, said no assurances had been given that depleted uranium would not be used in the future.

Under the false impression that some people take their paranoid conspiracy theories seriously, a FANG moron added:

“Most people would agree what the US military says cannot be trusted, so when they say no uranium is being used, should we believe them?”

She forgot to add that most scientists would agree that DU isn’t harmful anyway, but why should they believe that, either? After all, it’s never been the policy of the Greens or anti-nuclear activists to take science seriously.

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