More On Millionaire

They can’t get the format right, and they also can’t get the answers right:

Playing for $64,000, Mr McBrien, wrongly according to the network, said that five justices sat on a full bench of the High Court of Australia. The correct answer, host Eddie McGuire told him, was seven. But news of Mr McBrien’s $32,000 loss has reached the hallowed halls of Australia’s highest court and the ears of Chief Justice Murray Gleeson. The Australian understands the Chief Justice, who did not see the program, reckons Who Wants To Be a Millionaire got it wrong and his opinion is backed by leading scholars.

But University of NSW law professor George Williams said the network was wrong. “I think in the circumstances he (McBrien) has given one of two possible correct answers,” Professor Williams said.

The Dean of Law at the Australian National University, Michael Coper, said that, technically, the correct answer was “more than two”.

Not that any of this would have helped David Morgan much.

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