Niall Cook seems to think that all right-wing bloggers are “Intolerant, innately aggressive and self-serving” not to mention “immature” and “stupid”. (Lefty’s IQ test: Do you agree with John Howard? No=SMART Yes=DUMB!).

Niall is, if nothing else, a believer in the goodness of men. Our right-wing views are not a sign of undying eeeeevil, but simply a chemical problem that will be corrected with age.

Perhaps it’s merely the brashness of youth. That ‘ten-foot-tall-and-bullet-proof’ attitude that all young males have as the testosterone surges through their bodies with promise of great things and no way to deliver.

I might need to offer a tip here….the prevailing view among the left is that testosterone has no such effect, Niall. You see, it’s simply the lack of proper male role models, frustration at no longer being the rulers of society and other such cultural problems that make us young blokes such cruel and reactionary criminals. Saying that there are innate differences between the sexes due to testosterone is enough to get you censured for bigotry nowadays. Better watch it!

The other “root cause” of our rottweiler-like ability to not turn into lefties is our almost religious worship of alpha-male blogger Tim Blair:

“This I regard as a pity, given that Gareth has desires to be a serious journalist, yet patterns himself on Blair. Hopefully, he’ll develop his own style over time.”

I decided to investigate this theory, comparing Tim Blair’s style to that of Gareth Parker’s.

Here’s a few snippets from Tim in the last week:

I?ve gone for “Stilty, the leaf-suckin’ sky horse”. It was either that or “Ann Coulter”.

Canada and the UN are no longer bestest friends:
The meanest thing about this demotion is that Canada is the only nation that cares what the UN thinks. This is callous.

Money is evil, which is why idealistic lefty students get so angry when they?re asked to earn some to pay for their own education.

And now let’s compare this kind of bloggage with a typical Gareth Parker post:

Deegan is being afforded countless opportunities to pursue his political agenda through the mainstream media without any scrutiny whatsoever. I am yet to see any journalist or commentator raise even vague objections to anything Deegan has said in the press (with the notable exception of PM’s Mark Colvin, who caught the magistrate out on his duplicity over East Timor). I submit the reasons for this lack of scrutiny are, one, the fact that Deegan’s views are popular among journalists, and two, no one likes to criticise a man whose son has been killed by terrorists.

Now, the respective styles seem quite dissimilar to me. In fact, the only real similarity between Gareth and Tim that I can see is….they are both right-of-centre!

This is what really gets Niall’s goat. It’s ok to have rabid right-wing government co-conspirators like Blair behaving like psychopathic Texas oil tycoons, but when the impressionable young folk start to produce the same kind of hate-filled hogwash, it’s time for the wise older folk like Niall to save us from the propaganda machine! (breath)

This next Niall quote is particularly enlightening:

The practice of young, pseudo-conservative, politically naive bloggers to decry the opinions of those they see as opposing their own is an increasingly disturbing occurence.

Niall is “disturbed” that anyone would hold an opinion that isn’t leftist, and wish to express it. Equally disturbing is that, for some reason, it’s only the “naive” “Conservative” bloggers that disagree with the leftists? Who woulda thunk it?

At least all this attention on Gareth, Myself, Alan and Steve makes for a nice break for the rest of the Oz bloggers. Over 30’s like Tim Blair, Ken Parish, Geoff Honnor, Bernard Slattery, Professor Bunyip etc can rest easy now that they are free from the constant challenges Niall directs at them.

Update: Steve Edwards has had enough of Niall too.

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